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Preparing for an Astrological Consultation always involves extensive advance preparation. For this reason, if you are paying by cash or credit card, it is necessary for you to make a 50% deposit at the time a session is scheduled. This deposit is an act of "good faith" on the client's part, to ensure that he or she will keep his or her appointment. The remaining 50% is due at the time of the consultation.  

If instead you prefer to pay by money order, then full payment is due in advance from long-distance clients. Local clients need only make the required 50% deposit. Once received, an appointment will be scheduled with you promptly. Please send your payment to:

900 Pinetree Rd. SE, #45401

Rio Rancho, NM  87174

Please take your time to find the most accurate record of your Birth Time, as the time is essential for an accurate consultation. If you are uncertain about your Birth Time, you are  welcome to contact Teresa for ideas regarding how you may obtain this important information.

Because of the extensive additional time and work that would be required, if you discover that you have mistakenly provided Teresa with an inaccurate Birth Time, she cannot offer a second consultation based on the corrected time free-of-charge.

A special note to our clients:  Please do not send cash!